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3 Money Saving Wedding Themes

Budget-Friendly Wedding Themes

One fun aspect of planning your wedding is choosing a theme upon which the wedding

attire, decor, invitations, and foods are based. Your wedding theme reflects your interests and sets a mood and tone for the ceremony and accompanying reception. If you need to

stretch your wedding budget, you can easily do it with your choice of wedding


Wedding themes can be as simple as choosing a color for the bridesmaid's dresses. Then

you can use that color throughout the ceremony in the decor of the church and the color of

the flowers. Infusing your color into your wedding favors, table settings, and centerpieces at

the reception completes your nuptials in your own special cost-saving design.

Or wedding themes can be more complex, reflecting concepts like a garden, the Asian

culture, or the beach. Selecting a conceptual theme allows your creativity to shine

through. Clothing, flowers, church decor, the reception hall, and even food selection can

create a lovely, personalized wedding.

Consider these ideas for budget-friendly wedding themes:

1. Color theme.

Choosing a color-themed wedding can make it easier for you

to spend less money on your wedding. For this example, let's say you've chosen

red and white as your wedding color theme. Because the colors of red and white "pop"

when used together, you won't have to spend much extra money to add more flair to

the event.

• The bride wears either a white or red dress purchased at a bridal sale. The groom wears

a rented black suit, white shirt, red tie and vest.

>Select simple arrangements of inexpensive white flowers. White delphiniums, statice,

larkspur, spider mums, carnations, and gardenias are low-cost, lovely white flower


• On the day of the wedding, the bride's helpers wrap the bouquets in flowing red

ribbons. Do the same for flower centerpieces on reception dining tables.

• Large white bowls filled with red apples or strawberries are budget-friendly table

centerpieces and keep within the red and white theme.

• Choose table settings of red tablecloths, white plates, and red napkins at the reception.

2. Garden theme.

The garden theme focuses on all things related to nature that might

be found in a garden.

• Several artificial green potted trees provide a lovely garden setting as a low-cost

alternative to real greenery.

• Line the church altar with smaller silk potted plants to reflect a garden look.


• Use inexpensive, fresh flower arrangements as centerpieces on the reception tables.

• Small garden statues and bird figurines arranged near the centerpieces provide a nice

touch, as do birdhouses. Shop for the statues, bird figurines, and birdhouses in

a discount craft or garden store.

• A perfect setting for a garden-themed wedding is, of course, outdoors where green

grass, trees, and beautiful plantings surround the entire wedding party and guests.

Many outdoor venues cost thousands of dollars less than renting an indoor


3. Beach theme.

Beach Weddings or Destination Weddings have risen in popularity.

An ocean side or beach theme allows everyone to get in on the act,

even your guests.

• The beach theme reduces wedding costs because the theme is less formal.

Therefore, wedding attire for the bride and groom is less expensive. The bride wears a

simple white dress. The groom dons light blue trousers and shirt to reflect the ocean's


• Wedding invitations inform guests to wear colors that reflect the hues of the sea

• Use clear glass containers brimming with seashells as decor and table centerpieces. Add

white or sand-colored candles, if you like.

Exploring themes, decor, and wedding attire in advance will help you decide what

you can afford. If you're willing to do some of the work yourself and ask friends and

relatives for help, you can celebrate your themed wedding without breaking the bank

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